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Brain Injury Education

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BIAC’s education and outreach programs are committed to educating the public about brain injury. Because prevention is the only cure for a brain injury, BIAC is committed to educating individuals in our communities about brain injury and how it can be prevented.

Please contact Bonnie Meyers at or 860-219-0291 x 304 for additional information and to learn more.

Brain Injury Basics for Families & People with Brain Injury

Participants will learn about what brain injury is; the incidence of brain injury; the common effects of brain injury; strategies family members can use; tips for caregivers; and resources available to families through the Brain Injury Alliance of Connecticut.

Children & Young Adults

Children have the highest rate of emergency department visits for traumatic brain injury of all age groups. In fact, acquired brain injury is currently the leading cause of death and disability among children and young adults in the United States.

BIAC offers prevention programs for children, parents, coaches and educators. Presentations are available for a variety of age groups, from preschool through high school, and focus on learning about your brain, how it works, how it can be injured and how best to protect your brain from injury.

Protect Your Brain Toolkit – For All Ages (K-12)

BIAC has also developed an educational toolkit for educators, community leaders, youth groups, parents, and anyone else interested in promoting brain injury prevention. The toolkits include readings, videos, presentations, interactive games, and can be presented in their entirety or broken into modules over several classes or throughout a school year. The exact components and modules in each toolkit are customized to the specific target age & grade level. Teachers, school professionals, parents’ organizations, and/or extracurricular student groups can adapt the toolkit as they feel the need to meet their specific needs.

Seniors & Older Adults

Falls are the leading cause of TBI for older adults.  Many safety measures exist that can easily be implemented to reduce the risk of falls and consequent brain injury.

Health Fairs and Community Events

BIAC is pleased to participate in events throughout Connecticut, by providing workshops and staffing exhibits , based on staffing and resources.

For further information and to discuss any of these programs, please contact Bonnie Meyers, Director of Program & Services at , call 860-219-0291 X304.

PLEASE NOTE: All of our educational outreach programs are free of charge. For those requesting an in-person program, we do ask for a donation to help cover travel expenses.