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Husky Health Connecticut assists with the healthcare needs of uninsured children and youth, parents and individuals with disabilities.PCMH Plus (PCMH+) is Connecticut Medicaid/HUSKY’s newest experiment to change the way the state pays for health care. 200,000 HUSKY members were enrolled into PCMH Plus during the spring of 2018. Eventually, the state’s plan is to have every Medicaid and HUSKY member in the program. PCMH Plus is a “shared savings” model of payment. Under PCMH Plus, if your health providers are able to reduce the costs of your care, their health system gets half the savings. Shared savings is new and hasn’t been very effective in other states. Do I have to be in the program? No, you have the right to opt-out. Over a thousand people opted-out of PCMH Plus in the first round. To learn more about the program and how you can opt-out if you choose, go to or call 203-427-8242