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Freedom Ride Program

Freedom Ride Program is a prepaid reduced fare voucher program, which offers a 50% discount from the normal taxicab rate, with a minimum purchase of $25 initially. It is available to ADA eligible passengers who need transportation beyond the traditional ADA paratransit service area and hours or for same-day service. For more information about the Freedom Ride Taxi Voucher program look at the information sheet. You can also call 860-247-5329 extension 3086 for more information.

For Freedom Ride Services in Greater New Haven or Greater Bridgeport contact M7. To be eligible, an individual must meet the definition of “disabled” under the Americans with Disabilities Act. Greater New Haven Transit District (GNHTD) and Greater Bridgeport Transit District (GBTD) staff will interview individuals for eligibility. For applications and program details please contact the following:

    • For the New Haven area, please call: 203-288-6282 x-2518
    • For the Bridgeport area, please call The Kennedy Center: 203-365-8522 x 263