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Welcome to BIAC’s directory of Connecticut-based community resources, state and national organizations, and publications with important information related to brain injury education, prevention, and recovery. If you need further assistance, please give our helpline a call at 860-219-0291 to connect with a Brain Injury Specialist, or email

    Middle School

    The Protect Your Brain middle school toolkit for school professionals will help you prepare and deliver a presentation on brain injury prevention for middle school students. It is intended to be used by teachers, school nurses, interested school professionals, and prevention partners to educate Connecticut teens on the importance of protecting their brain and how they can prevent brain injury. The presentations can be given in a variety of settings, from assemblies to classroom discussions, and through PowerPoint presentations that include an interactive game component or activities in small groups. You know your students and school best, so we have provided a variety of ways to include this information in your school.

    Scenarios: What Would You Do?

    These activities are intended to engage students in the critical thinking process regarding safe behavior currently confronting middle school students. The real-life scenarios below are designed to generate dialogue around issues they might face daily. These may be used in either a classroom discussion format or small group discussions. You may also incorporate role plays in these exercises as these scenarios easily fit this format.


    Protect Your Brain / The Middle School Years

    What is Brain Injury

    Protect Your Brain Resources